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There are two available sets:

  1. BASIC SET: A total of 50 stickers including 35 illustrations, 4 brushes, 11 letterings. This set covers the basic foods like fruits, vegetables, pasta, pancakes, peanut butter & more.
  2. EXTENDED SET: A total of 37 stickers including 25 illustrations, 4 brushes, and 8 letterings. This set features illustrations of fancier foods like sushi, a smoothie bowl, and banana bread.

The extended set includes 25 illustrations:

  • blender
  • CBD oil
  • cookies
  • cheers!
  • ice pop
  • cupcake
  • coconut
  • cherry
  • crisps
  • pickle
  • pineapple
  • ginger
  • popcorn
  • celery
  • sriracha
  • smoothie bowl
  • spinach
  • tacos
  • tofu
  • whisk + rolling pin
  • nigiri + chopsticks
  • sushi roll
  • pan
  • banana bread
  • spatula


8 letterings:

  • #vegan
  • #eatyourgreens
  • green smoothie
  • ingredients
  • #foodporn
  • oatmeal
  • oh yes!
  • plant based


and 4 brushes:

  • mint thick
  • mint thin
  • peach thin
  • peach thick

For visual examples, check out the photo examples.


How to use the new stickers

After your purchase, you will get one ZIP file with 3 folders including PNGs of brushesillustrations, and letterings. After unpacking the file, you can simply save the stickers in your Photos folder or an App (e.g. PicsArt or WeCollect) and access them anytime. Copy and paste the stickers into your story and you are ready to go.


Please read the PDF manual within your purchase carefully for detailed instructions on how to use the stickers on your desktop as well as on your phone. You will see that it’s very easy!


The stickers are compatible with Android and iOS. The PDF manual contains instructions for both.


Trouble Shooting

If the files are too large to download them on your phone, use Wetransfer to send them from your PC to your phone. You can use AirDrop on iOS to make it faster.


Sometimes IG crashes when you use a sticker for the first time. Therefore, always save your Instagram story before you paste the sticker to make sure. If a crash happens, just insert the sticker a second time and this issue should not occur again.


If there’s anything else that doesn’t work how it should, just contact me and I will help you out! 🙂


You can use the brushes like tapes in the corners of a photo or a new post. Or simply use the brushes as a background for your text.

Be creative!


Slug: food-sticker-set-extended


Meta: 12 created Lightroom presets for food photography – perfect for Instagram foodies – available for the free app + Lightroom CC


Price: 8€


Short Description: What you will get

This is a PNG Sticker-Set for Mobile and Desktop – exclusively created in collaboration with the designer Janna Jakobs.


Every Sticker was drawn by hand, using natural, realistic shapes inspired by all of our plant-based food favorites. This allrounder will give your pictures and IG-stories that little extra.


There is a sticker suitable for every situation and type of meal. We tried to make this set covering as many of the most common foods as possible. All the plant-based favorites that we love to eat! This is the most comprehensive food setyou will find and yet you won’t be overwhelmed by the number of stickers. Each sticker has been uniquely selected. You will surely find your personal favorites in this set!

What makes this sticker set awesome

  • All your plant-based favorites! 
  • Simple white design that goes with every IG story – make it cute, elegant, or minimalistic. It’s up to you!
  • A perfect fit for every occasion and season, whether you are cooking at home, eating outside or traveling the world
  • The natural, minimalistic look complements your story in an elegant way, instead of drawing too much attention like GIFS
  • You can draw the stickers as large as you want and they will not lose their quality like GIFs
  • You can mix and match single stickers in your IG story. It is also possible to use a single sticker multiple times.

Create your own content

In addition to IG-Stories, you can also use the stickers for photo design or story highlights. You can insert the PNGs into your pictures, using editing apps like PicsArt or any other app that lets you insert pictures into your edits. There are infinite uses! Get creative and have fun. x


When you use the stickers, make sure to tag @laurafruitfairy and @jannasportraits so we can repost your beautiful IG stories. We hope you have a lot of fun with these little artworks! x




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