When I travel, I often don’t pay for food or accomodations.

How does this work?

As a photographer, blogger, influencer and content creator, you can find work literally anywhere. So you can travel „for free“ as a kind of work and travel without cash flow. You may not be able to travel forever, but at least with some benefits.

In this blog post you will learn how to find cooperation partners , how to approach them and what conditions you can negotiate.

What can I offer?

In any case, you should be able to offer some kind of value to the potential cooperation partner. As a blogger or influencer, you reach many people who represent potential customers.. For example, you offer a hotel your reach in exchange for a free stay. You can mention your collaboration partner on Instagram Stories, Youtube Vlogs or Postings about the hotel and recommend it to your followers at best.

As a photographer or videographer you do not necessarily need a large following on social networks. You can offer your service in return for other services or products. For a hotel, you could offer photographs that you take, edit and send it to them in high resolution. Do not underestimate the value of your work – entrepreneurs often pay huge amounts of money for professional shots like yours.

Who can I collaborate with?

Basically, there are no limits as far as the type of products or services is concerned. I’ve worked with a variety of industries, including:

  • Travel Agencies
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Restaurants & Cafes
  • Supermarkets & Shops
  • Jewellery Manufacturers
  • Fashion Designers
  • Yoga Studios
  • Tattoo Artists
  • Events
  • Spas & Nail Studios

In principle, you can ask for collaboration at any place you would normally pay with money. After all, every business lives from its reputation. In the digital age, it has become almost impossible to attract customers without a strong digital presence. Bloggers and influencers are a perfect advertising tool because they tend to be more authentic than traditional ads.

How does a collaboration work?

A collaborationn comes about after both sides have agreed on the terms, either orally or online. The collaboration partners fulfill their part of the „contract“ first by providing you with their services or products. If you have agreed on posts or stories, you should upload them in a timely manner. After a few days or weeks I usually upload all photos and video clips to a cloud service like Wetransfer and send it to them. I don’t recommend deadlines when traveling.

How do I find collaboration partners?

If you’re lucky, companies will find you and email you or send an inquiry via Instagram Direct. Alternatively, you can contact the hotels, restaurants & Co and ask for a cooperation. You can find potential partners via:

  • Other Influencers
  • Geotagging on Instagram
  • Hashtags
  • Airbnb
  • Tripadvisor
  • Google Maps
  • Pinterest
  • Passing by
  • Recommendations

If you’re planning to travel to Bali, you can check the Hotels and Restaurants I collaborated with in the respective blog posts.

Do I need a certain amount of followers to collaborate?

Officially, there is no minimum number of followers that you absolutely must have for cooperation. It depends entirely on you and your collaboration partners. I have seen influencers do collaborations with accommodations with just under 10k Instagram followers. I recommend to just send a few requests to see what happens. Instagram DMs don’t take that long. 😉

What conditions are common?

The conditions totally depend on the service. When collaborating with restauranst, an Instagram post + Instagram Stories are a good idea. For fashion pieces you could suggest 1 post per piece.

For long-term collaborations over several days, I usually offer the following:

  • 1 Instagram post per day (or 1-3 in total, depending on the length of your stay)
  • Daily Instagram Stories
  • Picture rights after the collaboration
  • Mentions in blog posts and / or YouTube videos

Depending on your reach and preferred channels, you can customize this offer for yourself. As a photographer, you could offer the number of images including editing plus mentions on your channels.

Questions? Feedback?

If you still have questions about travel cooperations or would like to give me feedback, please leave a comment below this blog post. Thank you for reading and have fun collaborating!